The winners of the 4th European Award for Architectural Heritage Intervention AADIPA have been announced

The announcement of the 12 finalists, one special mention and five winning works was made during the 4th International Architectural Heritage Intervention Biennial AADIPA

Yamasen Japanese Restaurant by TERRAIN architects

A comfortable cool space under eucalyptus structure roof

Javier Simorra Flagship Store by MESURA

An inevitable dialogue with Gaudí’s Casa Mila

Sigar Bespoke in Foshan, China by Construction Union

The combination of the installation art and the space

J Residence by TROP : terrains + open space

The landscape enriches the life of its lone owner.

Torrens Junction Rail Separation Project: Bowden Station by Cox Architecture

Provide improved connectivity between the burgeoning suburb, the Entertainment Centre and Adelaide Park Lands

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Selected Red Brick Building Projects

Swinging Frames by noa*

Integrating 5 functions into one pavilion space

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        「THE REPUBLIQUE 廾界」 Buyer Store in Chengdu, China by ARCHETYPE

        Break the grey brick walls and introduce the light through the glass bricks

        YOGA HOME, China by XUE JIN DESIGN

        A small space that can switch from “home mode” to “yoga mode”

        Blossom School, China by Karv One Design

        Children’s aesthetic education space inspired from picture books

        The Trapped House – The Regeneration of the 18 Shang Meng Sheng Street, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China by URBANUS

        From trapped in a distress situation to a serene residence in a bustling city

        Qingmei Xueshe Shilili Hotel in Anhui, China by G & S DESIGN

        The harmony of the layers of the courtyard and the lakes and mountains

        (上海/北京/廈門/武漢/成都)EADG泛亞國際 – 建筑設計師 / 助理建筑設計師 / 規劃設計師 / 高級規劃設計師 / 施工圖設計師 / 高級施工圖設計師 / 種植設計師 / 高級種植設計師 / 方案設計師 / 高級方案設計師 / 景觀設計師 / 項目經理 / 規劃設計助理 / 景觀設計師助理 / 注冊暖通工程師 / 高級園林工程師 / 注冊結構工程師


        Expansion Project for Hulunbuir Hailar Airport, China by United Design U10 Atelier

        A continuous Mongolian-yurt-like space

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        A playscape at Mariendalshallen by MASU Planning

        From hidden sports hall to an integrated part of the streetscape