The Star沉浸式體驗空間,悉尼 / Ramus




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Multidisciplinary design studio Ramus has completed a world-first permanent immersive experience – which is part-light, part-water, part-interactive art gallery.

▼空间外观,exterior view


The immersive experience stems from a 25m, 8k resolution, interactive digital canvas at the centre. Curated to the human rhythm, the canvas expresses Sydney’s light and movement through the digital artworks of local and international artists, animators and cinematographers.

▼中央空间,the central space

▼25米长的8k数字画布,the 25m, 8k resolution, interactive digital canvas


As an integrated extension of the digital canvas, shifting light images flow through the ceiling, wall and water elements of the space, expanding the visual content beyond the canvas into the entire two-storey foyer. A 13m-tall cylindrical, programmable artwork of falling water cascades in unique forms, becoming a gracefully moving canvas for light, laser and projections.

▼13米高的圆柱形装置能够通过编程来呈现不同造型的瀑布,a 13m-tall cylindrical, programmable artwork of falling water cascades in unique forms

这一创新性的平台将艺术从美术馆引向了公共领域。参观者将穿越一系列令人惊喜和兴奋的空间,在与场景互动的过程中收获前所未有的梦幻体验。该项目的创作总监、艺术导演Bruce Ramus表示:“我希望连接不同的元素,使整个空间环境在视觉上形成一个同步的整体,从而创造出与建筑空间相交融的数字艺术作品。其最终的目的是让人的体验变得更加完整和丰富。”

This innovative platform transports art out of the gallery context and into the public realm. As meditative as it is spectacular, visitors are welcomed into an immersive moment that surrounds and envelops, offering surprising and exhilarating interactive experiences as they move through the space. Artistic Director Bruce Ramus led its creation. “I was inspired to create a digital artwork that was embedded within the architecture of the space, by connecting elements and visualising the whole environment working in sync as one, for the purpose of integrating and enriching the human experience.”

▼与建筑空间相交融的数字艺术作品,a digital artwork embedded within the architecture of the space

装置将根据一天中的时间变化呈现不同的环境、场景和互动内容。此外,得益于正在进行的策展计划,来到The Star的参观者将在这一非凡的环境中欣赏到来自当地和全球艺术家的作品。

The installation adapts its content between states of ambience, spectacle and interactivity, according to the time of day. In addition, an ongoing curated program ensures visitors to The Star can experience the works of local and international artists in this extraordinary and compelling environment.

Completion date 2019
Project team: Ramus Studio Design, Programming and installation
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